Road map


  • New KMP Usb RS485 optical isolated converter
    Our new Usb Rs485 optical isolated converter is out of production. We need same days to prepare it and go it to the market.

    Published by: Production department - 13 July 2018
    Stage: Go to the market.
    Term: Soon
  • New KMP UsbToRS485 converter
    We've created a new Usb to Rs485 converter. It will be in rectangle plastic box and has standard pluggable connectors (doesn't DB9). It price will be cheaper than current. It has been tested. It achieve an incredible speed of 500 000 bps. More pictures from the test you can see here:

    Published by: Development department - 9 May 2018
    Stage: Tested! Preparing for production.
    Term: Q3 2018
  • ProDino LoRa WAN
    ProDino LoRa will be a new device from ProDino series. This board aims to provide a platform for smart IoT devices. We are researching at the moment. If you have some suggestion contact us.

    Published by: Research & Development - 7 May 2018
    Stage: In development
    Term: Q1 2019
  • ProDino MKRZero
    ProDino MKR Zero is a simple and powerful 32-bit board. This board aims to provide a platform for innovative projects in smart IoT devices, wearable technology, high-tech automation and much more. Read more...

    Published by: Production department - 5 May 2018
    Stage: Waiting for production
    Term: Q3 2018
  • KMP Electronics new site
    We will glad to represent you our new site (after huge works). It will have a new and modern design (mobile compatible) and shop. All articles will be redesigned. In the site also we will add and a blog. In the blog we will publish our and our costumers articles connect with electronics and home automation.

    Published by: PR department - 3 May 2018
    Stage: In development
    Term: Q3 2018

To be continued...