How do I set my Arduino IDE for the Dino II (Arduino Leonardo) board


For proper operation of the Arduino IDE with the type of board Dino II (Arduino Leonardo compatible) should make the following checks and settings.

  1. Check which COM port the Arduino Leonardo is installed the component. For Windows-Computer (My Computer) press with the right mouse button, from the menu choose Manage, then choose Device Manager.
    If Arduino Leonardo is not installed on your computer and you have a device with a yellow exclamation (!) sign, see here how to proceed

    Arduino Leonardo Installed on port

    In this case the Arduino Leonargo Board is installed on COM12.

  2. Open the Arduino environment.

  3. From the menu, select Arduino Leonardo board:

    Select Arduino Leonardo board

  4. Select the COM port to which the device is connected. In our example is COM12.

    Select Arduino Leonardo board

So the Arduino environment is set up to work with Arcduino Leonardo board connected to the port COM12.

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