Software developed by the company. Free software. Under the GNU license.


  • KMP Tcp / Udp Tester
    KMP Tcp / Udp Tester
    Published by Software department - 21 Apr 2014.

    A tool for testing Tcp and Udp connection. Works on the principle request-response, send data and then waits for a response. Allows data: IP address, Port, and Data to be recorded (Save) with the aim of using them later (Open). Currently, the program only works with strings. Ahead is planned to work with mixed type data - bytes and text. Extremely convenient for tests of simple communication between devices on protocol Tcp and Udp. To operate the program requires the computer to be installed .Net 4.0 or higher version.

    Version: 1.0.2. Download
  • Arduino ICMP Ping library
    Arduino ICMP Ping library
    Published by Software department - 21 Apr 2014.

    ICMPProtocol Arduino library currently allows a Ping (send echo request) to the remote host protocol ICMP. The library is built on the basis of the ICMP library of Blake Foster Having been thoroughly simplified and optimized to occupy less space and is faster. Is currently only implemented method Ping, but later you can extend the functionality. The library is part of KMPDinoEthernet library is made to work with the Wiznet W5200 chip. But can easily be revised to work with the Wiznet W5100. In the example WebPing. ino (part of the KMPDinoEthernet library) you can see how to work with ICMPProtocol as a result of the Ping command is displayed on the Web page of example.

    Version: 1.0.0. Download