PRODINo WiFi-ESP WROOM-02 V1.0 is Arduino compatible Wi-Fi device powered by Espressif System's own ESP8266 WROOM-02 module with 2 MB Flash. The board enclosed in DIN rail compatible plastic box. The device is Arduino compatible.

Target Application

  • Internet of thinks IoT
  • Home Automation
  • WiFi WEB Relay Control
  • WiFi WEB optical inputs check
  • Remote relay control
  • Data Collection to WEB Data Base
  • Temperature WEB Monitor
  • Connect with MQTT server


  • Wi-Fi module Espressif ESP8266 WROOM-02
  • 2 MB Flash
  • 2 x GROVE connectors 1 external and 1 internal
  • 1 x UEXT internal connector
  • 4 Relay Outputs
  • 4 Optical Isolated Inputs
  • RS485 port
  • Switching Regulator power supply
  • Arduino compatible


Name Min Max Unit
Power supply DC 5 30 V
OptoIn (On) DC 1,5 30 V
Relay output AC/DC - 250 V
Relay output AC/DC - 5 A

Box dimensions (in mm)

Width Height Length
70 32 92

Board dimensions (in mm)

ProDino WiFi ESP board dimension


Expansion Connectors


GROVE connector


External J10 Grove Digital

Pin ESP pin Description
1 EXT_GROVE_D0  5 Primary digital Input/Output
It is same for J12 INT_GROVE_D1
 4 Secondary digital Input/Output
3 Vcc   Power for Grove module 3,3 V
4 GND   Ground


Internal J12 Grove Mixed (Analog/Digital)

Pin ESP pin Description
1 INT_GROVE_A0  A0 Primary analog Input/Output
(the value is divided 2)
 4 Secondary digital Input/Output
It is same for J10 EXT_GROVE_D0
3 Vcc   Power for Grove module 3,3 V
4 GND   Ground

UEXT (internal)

UEXT connector pins

Pin Name ESP pin Description
1 3.3V +3.3 volt
2 GND Ground
3 TXD TXD Transmit Data for Async Serial bus
4 RXD RXD Receive Data for Async Serial bus
5 SCL GPIO5/SCL Clock for I2C bus
6 SDA GPIO4/SDA Bidirectional Serial Data for I2C bus
7 MISO GPIO12/MISO Serial Data In for SPI bus
8 MOSI GPIO13/MOSI Serial Data Out for SPI bus
9 SCK GPIO14/SCLK Clock for SPI bus
10 SSEL GPIO2/CS Slave Select for SPI bus

Electrical specification


The power consumption measured on Power supply connector

Voltage All Relays Off All Relays On
5 V 0,080 A 0,300 A
12 V
0,040 A
0,150 A
24 V 0,022 A 0,083 A


Optical input, galvanic isolated. Consumprion when ON

Input Consumption
1,5 V 0,3 mA
5 V 0,6 mA
12 V 1,0 mA
24 V 1,5 mA

Optically isolated inputs polarity

Please note about polarity optically isolated inputs:

Optical isolated inputs polarity


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