Information on future products

  • PRODINo WiFi-ESP v.1.0
    PRODINo WiFi-ESP v.1.0, RC2
    Published by Development department - 9 May 2016.

    We're ready with the second version of the prototype. From him we removed the FTDI chip-programming will become an external programmer. Opto inputs have already been separated (not with total mass as the prototype 1). We've added a second GROVE connector inside. We can use ESP-WROOM-02.

    Road map:
     - Testing;
     - The production.

    Image RC2

    Expected to hit the market Q3 2016.
  • Dino WiFi
    Dino WiFi, step 2 - prototype
    Published by Development department - 5 Mar 2016.

    We have entered the second phase of the development of project Dino WiFi. The first prototype was ready.

    Road map:
     - Testing;
     - The production.

    Image gallery (prototype)

    Expected to hit the market Q3 2016.
  • ProDino WiFi
    ProDino WiFi
    Published by Development department - 14 Feb 2016.

    Complete the phase of development of our new product ProDino WiFi. He will have the following technical specifications:
     - Module ESP8266 (WiFi communication ARM microprocessor, Arduino compatible);
     - RS485;
     - UEXT inside the box;
     - GROVE with I2C;
     - 4 Opto inputs (TLP185)
     - 4 relays (RAS0515)
     - Power from 8 to 30 V.
    The product will be placed in a box for DIN rail mounting.

    Road map:
     - Prototype;
     - Testing;
     - The production.

    Schematic Image gallery (design)

    Expected to hit the market Q3 2016.
  • ProDino Watchdog v1.0
    ProDino Watchdog v1.0
    Published by Firware department - 21 May 2014.

    In the process the test is our new product ProDino Watchdog v1.0. Which will allow the working capacity of up to four drive. They may be of the most different types, like: routers, IP cameras, servers, home computers and more. And in case someone of them blocked, ProDino Watchdog v1.0 will restart. Verification of working capacity will be done through PING. ProDino Watchdog v1.0 is especially convenient for tracking devices that must work always. Will allow easy setup via a WEB interface and display real-time information about the status of the devices which monitor. The device will be satisfied with ProDino Ethernet hardware.

    Expected to hit the market Q2 2014.