Projects of our customers


On this page we publish projects of our customers, using the hardware of KMP Electronics Ltd. for making them.


To publish your project you need to send us: all code needed for the project in the zip file, a brief and detailed description, name of the author (the company) as well as several images (screenshot, wiring diagrams, photos of the project) at the address


  • Home automatization, first step - temperature
    Author: Plamen Kovandjiev - KMP Electronics Ltd., Product: Dino II, Platform: Arduino, Published: 28 Feb 2014

    Web-based application for measuring temperature. Used are 3 pieces temperature sensors - DS18B20 connected in parallel to the input "1Wire" on Dino II board. The location of the sensors is: in the lab (where is the Dino II board), in the living room (at 43 m from the board) and outside (at 5 m from the circuit board).

    Source code: download. Project gallery: images. Application: test.