ProDino Internet Relay



How to install see here.

User manual


Login to the system

Open your browser and enter the address operate the system, the user is required to enter in it with the User and Password. Default:
User: admin
Password: admin

Login to the system

Home screen

After the user login to the system page appears, control relays:

Home page

Similarly, the page looks on a mobile device, such as: Tablet and mobile phone. With the touch of a button ON the corresponding relay is turns on, at the click of a button OFF, the relay turns off.

Relay settings

Relay settings are performed by page Settings (from the home screen in the blue field on the right, press "Settings"). Having selected, the next page appears:


Here you can set (enable or disable) the relay you want to see on the first page, as well as their names. After changing the settings, you can save them with button Save Settings.

Setting the name of the device, user and IP addresses

From the Settings page, select the link "User and IP", then the following page appears:

Device, User and IP settings 

By default device is set with the following configuration:
Device (appears on the first page above the name of the first active relay)

Name: KMP Device
Name: admin
Password: admin
Subnet mask:
After you make the necessary changes to the data record them by pressing the button Save Settings.