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Welcome to KMP Electronics Ltd. 

We create the resource needed to implement your idea.

We justify the expectations of the most demanding clients with our hardware and software solutions.

Awesome News

  • PRODINo WiFi-ESP v.1.0
    PRODINo WiFi-ESP v.1.0, RC2
    Published by Firmware department - 5 May 2016

    We're ready with the second version of the prototype. From him we removed the FTDI chip-programming will become an...

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  • Dino WiFi
    Dino WiFi, step 2 - prototype
    Published by Firmware department - 5 Mar 2016

    We have entered the second phase of the development of project Dino WiFi. The first prototype was ready.

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  • ProDino Watchdog v1.0
    ProDino Watchdog v1.0
    Published by Firmware department - 13 Feb 2016

    ProDino Watchdog v1.0. Allow the working capacity of up to four drive. They may be of the most different types, like: routers, IP cameras, servers, home computers and more. And in case someone of them blocked, ProDino Watchdog v1.0.

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Vending synhronize

The project VendingSync

Limits in the use of the vending machine
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